Nmc ghana past questions pdf

Tel: After being asked a series of questions by nurses who have been applying, failing and retaking the NMC CBT online test.

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I want to put together a fact sheet with useful information that I have found on the web which are very useful. Getting yourself organize to complete such an intense test is a real challenge, make no mistake it is not a matter to be taken lightly. Nursing in the UK has very high standard and the NMC want to know that you understand this and that you are working at the highest possible nursing practice.

It is a profession where we are caring for the sick and people at most vulnerable stages in their lives. View Jobs with sponsorships from Aplusrecruit. You have to study for it, and you have to study hard.

For those of you who are sitting it I would advise reading all of the NMC codes, competencies and published guidance. The topics that these are available in include medication management, consent, confidentiality ethics etc.

It may also be useful to read a short current text on UK health law and ethics and some case study books which were good to refresh anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and treatment.


It is a recommendation that you download the NMC blue print. The type of blue print you download depend largely on the area of nursing exam you want to apply for.

nmc ghana past questions pdf

The list includes. I have provided you with a link to these domains below. Please click the link below:. Domain 2: Communication and Interpersonal Skills All nurses must have an excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to be effective.

nmc ghana past questions pdf

Communication is the driving force for a successful relationship with their patients. One important aspect to remember is confidentiality and all the persons surrounding the patient is who you are communicating with. Nurses must be sincere, kind, and demonstrate courtesy. The following article has been read by me and it expounds more on the communication domain.

Please click the link below: Communication in Nursing Article. The must be able to assess all the persons they come into contact with in spite of their age both physically and mentally. They must be able to provide the necessary care to patients before they are actually referred to a specialist. All decision making ideas must be shared with the necessary parties involved, these decisions should be generated from the best and up to date sources available.

Please click the link to get a more in-depth look of the decision making process under this domain. You must be able to respond freely and confidently to both planned and uncertain situations while managing themselves and others effectively.

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They must try to elevate themselves personally and professionally by learning from experience, through supervision, feedback reflection and elevation. Please click the following link to book with some interesting facts that will help in this domain.

Nursing Council Exam Questions: Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Past Questions PDF

Leadership, Management and Team Working in Nursing. I found it very useful to understand the competencies required in order to pass the test.The nurse is giving the client with a left cast crutch walking instructions using the three point gait. The client is allowed touchdown of the affected leg. The nurse tells the client to advance the: A. Left leg and right crutch then right leg and left crutch B. Crutches and then both legs simultaneously C. Crutches and the right leg then advance the left leg D.

Crutches and the left leg then advance the right leg. What would the patient be manifesting? Blood and mucous in the faeces C. Loss of appetite B. Fatigue D. Urgent bowel. What is Disclosure according to NHS? It is asking action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and obtain the services they need. This is the divulging or provision of access to data. It is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.

It is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information. All but one are signs of anaphylaxis: A. What is comprehensive nursing assessment? It provides the foundation for care that enables individuals to gain greater control over their lives and enhance their health status. An assessment of a specific condition, problem, identified risks or assessment of care; for example, continence assessment, nutritional assessment, neurological assessment following a head injury, assessment for day care, outpatient consultation for a specific condition.

Define standard precaution: A. It is meant to reduce the risk of transmission of bloodbourne and other pathogens from both recognized and unrecognized sources. The practice of avoiding contact with bodily fluids, by means of wearing of nonporous articles such as gloves, goggles, and face shields.

What is the purpose of clamping a chest tube? To prevent further lung collapse and entry of air B. To minimize the feeling of pain on drain insertion C. To aid the drain into the correct position. To minimize risk of infection. What is not true about compartment syndrome? Compartment syndrome most commonly occurs in compartments in the leg or thigh. What is the best site of buttock injections? Ventrogluteal site B. Dorsogluteal site C.

Rectus Femoris D. Greater trochanter area What are the steps for the proper urine collection? Clean meatus with soap and water B.Are you seeking for admission into any of the school of nursing in Nigeria. If your answer is yes, then this Nigeria nursing school entrance exam questions paper and it answer is for you. In all these complexities, the most important desire of candidate is that, they pass the examinations with the required score, preferably at first sitting.

The School of nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria past questions is a necessary tool that is recommended to all intending applicant aiming to achieved success in the forth coming entrance examination be conducted by various Nigeria School of Nursing. There is nothing as worst as ignorance. This is why people keep re-writing the School of Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria screening exercise year after year.

People do asked if different question are set for applicant that apply for Nursing and also those that apply for Midwifery. Same question are set for both applicant during the examination, whether you are writing for nursing or midwifery, you are going to be subjected to the general nursing and midwifery question paper.

We understand that Nursing schools like luth or fct repeats lots of their past questions during entrance examination, aside from this particular school, past questions and answers are available for other schools too. Click to Download your free school of nursing or Midwifery Council of Nigeria past questions and answers. The Past Questions and answers cost N for any school of nursing and Midwifery that you wants and we will show you how to get it.

To get the up-to-date complete copy of the Past Questions and answer Call or whatsapp me on for the simple step. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Rated 5. Professional values, Communication and interpersonal skills, Nursing practice and decision making Leadership management and team working. You will be tested on a range of generic nursing competencies as well as topics relevant to just your specific field of adult nursing.

NMC CBT questions and answers - CBT Practice Test for Nurses - CBT Questions and Answers 2019

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First Name. Last Name. Your browser is out of date, and may not be compatible with our website. You can update your browser from the link below. Download the latest version of your prefered browser.I love this mock exams especially science.

I think is good and can help me to gain more knowledge and also prepares me for the examination towards me. Actually i liked the way they made us to think out of the box even though i am a sixth grader i found it fun to sit my first WASSCE exams. The time allocated to the answering of the questions allowed me to work more faster and accurately.

Very intuitive and thrilling,best revision and practice to prepare one for the upcoming exams wish an app can be created out of this. Good job. But I believe on the next test I will do well. Fin mock has really helped me in my studies especially in my English language. Thank you so much finlite. I will recommend it to every student in Ghana and West Africa. Such an impeccable site.

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I just love finmock. They really helped me in my bece this year. And many thanks too for the prize that was given to me. Finmock has helped me to be the best in my class and it my helping me to get ready for my mock and BECE. I just love the English questions. They are very fascinating and educative.

As for the Mathematics, great thanks to you Finmock my marks in Maths was very bad but now i always write and pass brilliantly. This website is so great. It helped me during my trial test,and I tell you I passed so wonderfully.Read more. Secure in the public interest the highest standards of training and practice of nursing and midwifery.

nmc ghana past questions pdf

Part Three of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, Act mandates the council to secure in the public interest the highest standards of training and practice of Nursing and Midwifery. The LI is also being reviewed. Dear Cherished Clients. Please be encouraged to make use of this platform.

WAEC Past Questions and Answers All Subjects pdf

The benefits that accrue includes but not limited to the following. Capacity building. Real time issuance of certificate of participation. Certificate s would be visible to the Council online.

Participation from the comfort of your home, office, car etc. No participation fee Free. Please Note:. The renewal module is currently under development.

The demonstration of how to wear PPEs and other relevant information have been uploaded on the App. Please take time and refresh yourself with videos on the PPEs. Many thanks and may God be with us all.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council would like to inform its cherished clients of its approved review of fees and charges which takes effect from January 2, Please click here to view. The Editorial Board of the Numid Horizon: An International Journal for Nursing and Midwifery has the pleasure to invite all nurses, midwives and other health practitioners to submit articles for the review and subsequent publication in its reputable Journal.

Examination Calender. Professional Registration. Contact Form Leave us a Message. Warm greetings in these trying times, to all Nurse Educators and allied Health Tutors. The pr It is hard to believe how everything has chang I bring you warm greetings from the National Headquarters - greetings of peace, u Mission Secure in the public interest the highest standards of training and practice of nursing and midwifery.You can now download original WAEC past questions and answers from to date. All the past questions are compiled with answers and are saved in the form of pdf so that you can download and print.

You can decide to use it like if you have a smartphone or PC. So, we use this medium to announce to the general public that you can now buy and download original waec past questions and answers for all subjects in pdf version. I have packaged it in such a way that you can even use it like that if you have a computer, iPad or smartphone. If yes, search no further. The answer is YES! The since the WAEC syllabus still remain the same, there is every tendency that they will repeat the questions.

So, if you want to get your credits in waec exam, make sure you buy and download the the updated waec past question and answers.

Electronic Transfer available. I will send the complete Past Questions to your email address. You can then download and print or use it like on your computer or phone.

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