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You can send emails with any desktop bulk email software or it can be intergrated with any web based online email marketing software i. Some people still relay their emails with normal smtp servers like yahoo, gmail, hotmail whereas cloud smtp servers are best solutions for email marketing. You can scale the cloud email servers as per your needs and requirements without moving your data or doing setup and settings again and again.

Our cloud email servers provide you full tracking features which help you to track down your email delivery. We also offer free software with each smtp server. Get dedicated smtp server for your email marketing campaigns. Now you can send millions of emails daily with our optimized dedicated email servers. We have fast email delivery servers which can deliver your emails with no delays.

Easy to Integrate You can use our smtp sever with any email marketing software or application. Live Chat Support Get fix your issues right away using our live chat support.Visit the pricing page for more details. We accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards.

Yes, after signing up, verifying your domain, your own SMTP username and password will be ready for you to use. All of your emails will be logged and easily viewed in your own email dashboard. In order to be able to use our SMTP services, you will need to have your own domain. TK domain to try our service. Yes, this is possible. We do not provide a way for customers to upload their subscribers onto our platform.

We only provide the SMTP credentials and email relay services, that you can use with your own email marketing software or free email marketing plugin in your WordPress website. Kingmailer can accept these payment methods in certain situations. Please contact info kingmailer. Skip to content. Think Sendgrid, Mailgun or Postmark, but simple, affordable and with high inbox rate. Start sending or receiving emails with a few clicks.

Every day, thousands of emails are sent, received, tracked using our delightful and powerful SMTP service. Real-time results Get up-to-the-minute analytics on your message deliverability and engagement metrics. Email statistics Monitor all your email logs and statistics on deliverability, open rates, click rates and more. Optimal deliverability Ensure your welcome messages, order confirmations, shipping notifications, app alerts, and other important emails reach the inbox.

Our simple mail solution can be used in multiple situations, below we have given two examples in which you can use our service: Example 1 You run a web store and need to have important emails delivered to you and to your customers.

Unlimited IP SMTP or Unlimited Domain SMTP ( Normal SMTP ) -

These important emails can be: registration emails, password reset emails, order emails, invoices, receipts and other important notification emails. Example 2 You run a company and need email addresses. In this case you can use Kingmailer to create email addresses on the fly and have emails delivered to your inbox. Suppose you need these four different email addresses: info domain sales domain name domain support domain You can create these email addresses in your Kingmailer account and have all inbound emails delivered routed to your inbox Gmail, Live, Proton.

You can also send emails using your business address, so no one will see you are sending from Gmail, Live or Proton etc. Kingmailer keeps a history log for 6 months. In case you need to find a specific email, you can always check the History Log. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. Free Sign Up. Which payment methods do you accept? Do you accept Bitcoins?Founded inafter graduating from the TechStars program, IsSend developed an industry-disrupting, cloud-based email service to solve the challenges of reliably delivering emails on behalf of growing companies.

site to buy smtp

Today, IsSend is responsible for sending billions of emails for some of the best and brightest companies in the world. Our Mission:. Companies that think strategically about email as a set of meaningful customer touchpoints—taking care to send it at the right time, with the right content, and for the right people—will yield a competitive advantage. IsSend's trusted platform, tools, and expert services team make it effortless for developers and marketers to craft, segment, test, and successfully deliver all of their email.

Info issend. Easily send and track all of your emails. Service Sending Very Fast.

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Designed and sent very fast.Email is one of the most popular means of communication, and people across all walks of life use it. Through email messages, you can connect with your relatives and friends no matter where they reside on the planet. It takes just a minute or two to get your message transferred to the recipient.

Not only do individuals make use of email for their communication. Enterprises, too, rely on email to communicate with their employees, clients, and business partners and to market their services and products.

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And unlike individuals, businesses send hundreds of email messages every day. Hence, they look for a highly capable email service for a speedy delivery. You can indeed send and receive emails with free email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. But these free email clients have their limitations when you need to deal with thousands of emails daily. They also ensure that their email marketing campaigns deliver the best results. This restriction poses a significant hindrance when you have to send time-sensitive marketing emails to a large number of recipients regularly.

When enterprises buy SMTP server of their own, there is no limitation.

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When organizations buy dedicated SMTP serversthey also ensure that their emails reach the inbox of the intended recipients. The chances of your bulk, marketing emails ending up in the spam folders of the recipients is high when you send them through the primary, free email clients. We will not go into more details here; that is enough material for a different article. When businesses buy mail server from trusted companies, their emails are not stopped by anti-spam filters and ISP restrictions.

The primary advantage of running a dedicated SMTP server is that there are no limitations on the number of emails you can send on a daily basis.

Email campaign managers know precisely how many emails were received, delayed, bounced, etc.

site to buy smtp

Dedicated SMTP services provide administrators and campaign managers with all the necessary tools and reports. This information is vital data that will show you the effectiveness of your method and content, whether you need to develop new marketing techniques, etc.

Running an SMTP server of your own ensures that all the email lists are kept private all the time. As long as your SMTP login credentials are safe, all email addresses under your control are entirely safe and secure. On the other hand, when you share your email server with other clients, then if any of the sharing clients do anything spammy, all hosts are affected. One of the significant benefits for businesses to buy dedicated SMTP servers is to reduce the costs related to bulk emailing to a great extent.

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Even though an SMTP server should come with many benefits, in reality, a lot of it depends on the provider, features offered, price, etc. You should choose wisely and keep the following points in mind. It ensures that all domain restrictions on sending emails are taken care of. Ensure that the pricing structure for the SMTP server is within a reasonable budget. Buy the service that you need. Getting a costly one with a host of features that you will seldom use would only be a waste of money.

If they are to make a wise choice that satisfies their needs at economical pricing, businesses need to understand their email marketing requirements. The maximum number of emails you can send every day and the speed of delivery determines the capability of any SMTP server. But remember that some SMTP service providers offer various added features that could slow down the email marketing process considerably. Check for significant features like selective disperse, real-time delivery reports, etc.

The selective disperse feature ensures that the email campaigns reach their customers at the specified time. This feature is especially useful for time-sensitive emails. It will serve no purpose if it sends the email messages after completion of the offer period.At our online store you can buy SMTP mail servers that will suit all your email marketing needs.

What is SMTP server? Beginners to the SMTP have to focus on its basics. You need to configure the correct SMTP settings at first, before sending your messages by using software or email client. More specifically, the best address of simple mail transfer protocol you are using is more crucial.

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The main objective of SMTP protocol is offering a reliable and standard set of guidelines to make servers find themselves and then interact to understand who is a sender, who is a recipient and where the content should go. This process lets the server to convert a message into different parts so that other servers can understand them.

A message is converted into strings of text separated by the code words or numbers for identifying the purpose of every action. The email server software is designed to understand such codes. SMTP can only transfer text and cannot transfer attachments, graphics and fonts.

How to discover your own SMTP mail server address? You should remember that the normal server usually comes with some restrictions in quantity of emails you can transfer and also quantity of email addresses you can hold each day.

If you are scheduling to send lots of emails, you must surely use a professional simple mail transfer protocol server that would enable the user to accomplish the limitless messages as well as assure the top deliver ability. As a sender, you can have an option of several SMTP servers available from the various providers to forward your emails to the network. One of the most essential things to be considered is setting up your own server. We can provide you inbox SMTP servers exclusively based on your request.

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site to buy smtp

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Send Bulk Emails Directly to clients Email. QK SMTP Server is a powerful but easy-to-use smtp server software, which can send mails from local host to the recipients' mailboxes directly at an amazingly high speed. Arrived or not, you will get feedback instantly.

Order Now. If the user has only one network card, his IP includes the default IP The binding IP to server function can access IP control. Only the binding IP can access.

History log add search function, can look up mails' particular log and sending failure record. Once you send the log to us, we can assist you quickly find the failure reason. Three modes to send emails QK SMTP Server boasts three modes to deliver emails: A: Send directly to recipients' mail boxes; In this mode, all emails will arrive destination mail box with an instant feedback.

Get correct and instant feedback You also can get correct and instant feedback from the recipients' mail server when sending mails at a high speed via QK SMTP Server. Hotkeys can be customized! More convenient!


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