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Solo Leveling Novel – Chapter 147

Do you think such a thing even makes sense? Formerly a prosecutor, he now served as a member of the National Assembly. The Association President Goh Gun-Hui maintained his silence as he sat on the opposite side of such a man. Nam Joon-Wook was actually smiling inside as he was staring at his current verbal sparring partner.

The victor had been decided already. His style was to keep up the pressure when the enemy was on the back foot. Veins bulged in his neck as he raised his voice high, not at Goh Gun-Hui, but at the entirety of the third conference hall, currently filled to the brim with the interested parties and a cordon of reporters.

There was such a rumour doing the rounds already, yet the so-called new regulation was this nonsensical? It was no wonder serious questions were being raised regarding this matter. But now, Nam Joon-Wook got to deal two powerful blows to that man, with the recent high school dungeon break incident, and the controversy surrounding the preferential treatment Hunter Sung Jin-Woo had received.

If he got to bring down Goh Gun-Hui, a man standing at the opposite end of the political battlefield, then Nam Joon-Wook would get to enjoy his share of the benefits sooner rather than later. Goh Gun-Hui lightly tapped on the end of the mic to confirm that it was working properly, and brought his lips closer to it.

He expected Goh Gun-Hui to start by offering up an apology. But, could it be that the old man still had some things to say? Is this a preferential treatment for Hunter Sung Jin-Woo or not?? Nam Joon-Wook was waiting for a cowardly excuse but then, Goh Gun-Hui went and threw a wet blanket on his parade. His answer was short, but the impact it carried was enormous.

Not just the spectators in the gallery, but also the reporters and politicians were busy exchanging knowing or shocked glances with people sitting next to them, which only served to further add fuel to the chaos. Of course, the one most surprised among them was Nam Joon-Wook. Goh Gun-Hui was supposed to deny everything till the end, or start grovelling for mercy when things went sideways, yet he came out and straightforwardly admitted to his wrongdoing.

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However, his eyes were far too calm for someone making a confession. Such a calm and audacious demeanour only managed to bring up a sense of an inexplicable nervousness in Nam Joon-Wook. He possessed an overwhelming presence. As if everyone had made a prior agreement, they all shut their mouths at once when Goh Gun-Hui spoke up. Goh Gun-Hui slowly stood up and swept his gaze over the faces of every attendee present as he continued on with his speech.

Because, it was pretty much the same thing as the answer already being set in stone. There was no reason to answer back at all. Nam Joon-Wook was about to say something. But before he could, Goh Gun-Hui was a step faster and continued on. Goh Gun-Hui waved around thick official documents for all to see.

Goh Gun-Hui took some time to look at the cordon of reporters, before shifting his gaze back over to the member of National Assembly, Nam Joon-Wook.

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He could definitely sense that the tide had turned against him now. He kept his gaze firmly locked on Nam Joon-Wook before throwing another question. As Goh Gun-Hui put the documents down, he was now overflowing with a certain relaxed air, something he had kept hidden until then.

Nam Joon-Wook knew what that look signified. That was the look of the victor he used to make often, just as he was closing in on yet another political victory for himself in situations similar to this one. Nam Joon-Wook gritted his teeth and tried to raise his objection. His own face was now in the alternating shades of red and blue as seconds ticked on.Solo Leveling is an ongoing Korean web novel written by Sung-Lak.

This novel encompasses a whole new idea of fantasy.

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Covering various genres like Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen and Webtoons, this one will be worth your time. This pathway or portal connected the monster world of dungeons to the world of ours. This allowed normal human beings to become demon assassins and demon hunters within the gate. He barely possesses any skill to withstand a demon in front of him.

An E-rank hunter, he struggles to get to the top. At the E-rank, participating in illegitimate fights, he also struggles to make enough money for her mother.

So he takes the risk of entering the D-rank dungeon. ANd with no surprises, he gets bashed down by demons harshly. Having multiple injuries, he waits for his final breath to come in Solo Leveling Light Novel. But just before he gives in, he receives a mysterious power, a quest that only he could see. The quest log brings a list of objectives, which if completed, could significantly rank him up the charts.

With this, he quickly becomes the S-rank hunter, one of the elites, and moves on to hunt more demons to become the immortal! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yep been reading the manga but its way to slow to update, i never blame the mangaka though. Nothing to blame.

Solo Leveling - Capítulo 147

I like the story. Again thank you so much. I mean it starts around chapter sorry i wanted to edit the comment but the feature is not available. A huge fan of the manga and I just found this website 2 days ago by looking for the novel.

Loved the series nonetheless though. Remember Me. Lost your password? Log in Lost your password? Please enter your username or email address.

solo leveling 147

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Username or Email Address. Home Action Solo Leveling. HOT Solo Leveling. Your Rating. Average 4. Author s. Artist s.Kung-kwang-kung-kwang Jinwoo memiliki hati untuk waktu yang lama. Saat ini, hanya ada dua orang di ruang bos dengan Yu Jin-ho dan Woo Jin-cheol.

Keduanya tidak melihat apa-apa, jadi mereka memanggil keluar jendela status tanpa pemberitahuan 'Jendela status. Banding Seiring dengan suara mesin, semua informasi dari tingkat ke item yang akan dikenakan terungkap. Tempat di mana tatapan Jinwoo berhenti adalah daftar "skill khusus-pekerjaan" [Khusus keterampilan untuk pekerjaan] Keahlian aktif: Ekstraksi bayangan Lv.

Mengetahui fakta dan melihat fakta adalah hal lain. Skill, Shadow exchange, yang melumpuhkan karena waktu siaga yang lama dibandingkan dengan pemanfaatan skill yang tidak terbatas 'Waktu tunggu tergantung pada tingkat keterampilan. Ini telah mengurangi rasa frustrasi. Jinwoo membuka informasi keterampilan pertukaran bayangan dengan pikiran membuka kotak hadiah Banding [Keterampilan: Shadow Exchange Lv. Setelah casting, Anda memiliki 2 jam waktu tunggu sebelum Anda dapat menggunakannya lagi.

Solo Leveling text - Solo Leveling Chapter 147

Waktu menunggu tergantung pada tingkat keterampilan '! Hanya satu tingkat, bahkan sepertiga dari waktu tunggu telah hilang, Jinwoo tidak bisa menyembunyikan kegembiraannya '1 jam turun di lantai 1' Secara sederhana dihitung, latensi pada level berikutnya cenderung berubah menjadi satu jam Dan jika Anda menaikkan level lain di sana?.

solo leveling 147

Ketika saya berpikir begitu, saya sangat senang. Yoo Jin-ho, yang semakin dan semakin sadar ketika dia mulai berjalan dengan Jin-woo, tidak bertanya lagi padaku. Sebaliknya, minat Yu Jin-ho pindah ke samping "Dan -" Yoo Jin-ho lahir dan melihat hal yang sebenarnya dari bos penjara bawah tanah kelas A untuk pertama kalinya Tubuh bagian atas adalah sosok manusia, dan tubuh bagian bawah adalah ular laut.

Itu lebih besar dan lebih jauh, tapi itu pria yang lebih besar dan celaka. Tidak heran Anda tidak bisa tutup mulut 'Aku tahu kamu sudah pernah ke Dungeon Tingkat Lanjut beberapa kali sebelumnya Apakah Anda memukul mereka seperti itu setiap saat? Itu hitam, Yujin menelan ludah kering. Kakakku sepertinya lebih baik dari biasanya hari ini. Orang buta Ketika Jin-woo menatap, Yoo Jin-ho menoleh untuk melihat apakah dia pikir dia malu Di sebelah kereta api woojin, itu mengejutkan 'Keterampilan Sung Jin Hun Hunter yang aku sudah tahu Namun, saya tidak mampu melakukan ini dengan mudah.

Aku merasakan kekerasan seperti baja di ujung jari. Sisik Naga cukup kuat untuk digunakan dalam berbagai baju besi seperti baju besi dan perisai.Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest chapter next time when you visit NovelOnlineFull. Use F11 button to read novel in full-screen PC only. Drop by anytime you want to read free — fast — latest novel. This is why it is controversial because the a. Today's hearing was for clarification, but the a. All right.

Nam Joon-wook foresaw victory. Go Gun-hee, who has been in high popularity due to his excellent success on Jeju Island, can now receive two consecutive bullets - the recent Dungeon break and the controversy around his special favor for Hunter Sung Jin-Woo. Politics is a big fight for power. If he breaks down his political opponent Go Gun-Hee, his share of power will be secured.

Imagining himself on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, Nam Joon-wook stared at Go arrogantly. Explain yourself, chairman Go Gun-Hee! Go Gun-Hee's microphone turned on for the first time today.

Took, Took. Go Gun-Hee touched the tip of the microphone to confirm that the sound was coming out properly. That impudent old man. But you still have something to say?

Nam Joon-wook raised his voice.

Solo Leveling Novel – Chapter 156

This new regulation! Is Sung Jin-Woo a special favor or not? Now, how are you going to avoid it? Go Gun-Hee poured cold water on Nam, who was expecting a cowardly excuse. It is a special favor. Go Gun-hee opened his mouth and looked at him as if he had made a promise. But before he could open his mouth, Go Gun-Hee quickly spoke. A total of 21 countries, including the U. Go Gun-hee held and waved the thick official doc. They are all open-eyed to attract Hunter Sung Jin-Woo to work for them.

Go Gun-Hee's eyes were shifted to Rep. Nam Joon-wook. In this situation, do you want Hunter Sungs to stay in Korea without that much privilege? He could feel the war raging on. However, Go Gun-Hee looked closely at Nam and asked again as if he had no intention of letting him go easily. Do you want to repeat cases like Hw. Nam Joon-wook bit his lower lip. The room that he had hidden from Go's face, where all the reporters were, was overflowing.

Nam Joon Wook knew. The meaning of that expression. It was usually the face he had seen in the end, the winner's face. Nam Joon-wook clenched his teeth and tried to refute.Do you have the skill level of the job-specific skills that have not even been in the middle of writing up the skill at the same time?

Currently, there are only two people in the boss room with Yu Jin-ho and Woo Jin-cheol. Both of them did not notice anything, so they called out the status window without notice. Along with the sound of the machine, all the information from the level to the items to be worn came to light. Knowing the facts and seeing the facts is another thing.

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Skill, Shadow exchange, which was stifling due to the long standby time compared to unlimited skill utilization. I was more pleased that the shadow exchange skill improved than the level that stagnated for a while.

Yoo Jin-ho, who was getting more and more aware as he began to walk with Jin-woo, did not ask me any more. The tankers, dealers, and healers had to run all the way, and the other raids that they could barely deal with were the ones who grabbed their heads with disgust. Even so, it is not easy to see because the attack power of the person of St. Hunter transcends the imagination. After this grit, the message of strengthening success emerged in the shadow extraction process for a long time.

Like molars, it controls his own magical power, and he has a strong horsepower, but not his molar teeth. Doddd — A slight vibration from the floor. It was a signal that the gate was closed within one hour. It was generally because of its large size and difficult to transport. In a moment, his molar, which giganticized his body, dragged the boss — sized Naga, who was only half of his size, and left the boss room.

No, I do not get a picture, so if you get cut off, will you be responsible? The reporters who kept the fighting and lifted the camera hurriedly started to press the shutter.

Hardly at the gate, the boss was pulling the body out of the molar teeth from the back, felt the gaze slowly turned. You must Register or Login to post a comment. Remember Me.

solo leveling 147

Lost your password? Log in Lost your password? Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Username or Email Address. Jinwoo has a heart for a long time. It was the biggest income of the day. Waiting time depends on skill level. Just one level up, even one third of the waiting time has disappeared.I Alone Leve up Chapter Solo Leveling CH A slender black-haired woman was posing for the camera, which flashed repeatedly. The last shot was taken and the director looked up.

Soo-Hyun did a good job. Sister, have you heard from Jin-Hee yet? Cody shook her head with a worried look. She had already made four calls. However, she pouted her lips to the news that there was no response yet.

It would be unfair to miss a phone call when she was asleep after the photo shooting. After that there was no news about what happened. Yoo shook his head. Yoo Jin-hee was the owner of the largest company in Korea, and daughter of the famous Yoo Myung-Han The possibility of something happening to her was the same as that of an S-class Hunter going into a dungeon and screaming in fear.

Little sister, can I have my phone? Yoo took over her cell phone to try again and was pleased when her phone vibrated in the same time. Is it Jin-hee? That bastard. It was Yoo Jin Ho. Knowing that the only time he calls his sister is when he has something to ask for, Yoo sighed deeply and asked. Do you happen to know where Jin-hee is? My sister?The stone statue began moving as weird creaking noises came out from its various joints.

There were several differences between this guy and the other stone statues, but the biggest one had to be the wings attached to its back, which made it look somewhat like an angel. Indeed, this guy was the only one among the statues designed to resemble an angel.

Not just any angel either, but one with six wings on its back, too. The angel statue slowly stood up from its sitting position and straightened its bent back. As it turned out, it was over three metres tall. Jin-Woo quickly retreated and summoned the second shortsword into his other hand, before lowering his stance to get ready. When he made up his mind to fight against that thing, every single strand of sensory receptors on his body awakened in full; every part of himself, from his mind to all corners of his body, had become fully optimised for the upcoming battle.

That smile was so disgusting and unnatural that it sent a shiver down his spine. The stone tablet clattered on the floor and shattered into countless pieces.

The angel statue stiffly laughed as it took in the sight of the now-useless tablet. Just then, he realised that there was no meaning behind them from the very beginning.

That stone tablet, and the so-called laws written on it, none of them meant anything. In that case, just what exactly was this place? And what did this thing want from him? All those quests, levelling up, instant dungeon keys, etc. All those strange events that took place after he left this temple — what did they even signify? Finally, an opportunity to get the answers for all of his burning questions had come. When he thought like that…. His heart began madly pounding away in his chest.

Usually, it beat in a regular rhythmic pulse most of the time.

Solo Leveling 146-147

The angel statue moved its individual fingers before carrying on. Next up, its neck. However, he was making an exception this time.

The waves of magic energy being emitted from the angel statue were certainly different from the ones emitted by the regular monsters. A stone statue that could speak and move around — where would anyone even hope to find a monster more monster-ish than that? So, what Jin-Woo wanted to find out here was whether this thing was in cahoots with the regular monsters or not. The angel statue bent down to loosen up its back before standing straight up again. The sound of the angel statue clapping its hands wiped all distracting thoughts out of his head.

This will be your final test. The angel statue snapped its fingers, and almost immediately, a red glow appeared within the eyes of the countless stone statues within the temple. Will be my reward to you. Jin-Woo swept his gaze around the stone statues. Even if they were puppets, they still seemed quite tough opponents to deal with. Jin-Woo remained calm as he summoned out his Shadow Soldiers.

Because the stone statues had begun sprinting towards him right then. Their movements were eerily silent, yet also incredibly fast as well. All the hidden cards he had come prepared with, just in case — various potions, quest rewards, etc. The System had been with Jin-Woo ever since the beginning, and knew how he operated the best. Jin-Woo firmed up his resolve and gripped his shortswords even tighter.


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